What is Kids Games?

KidsGames is a faith-based movement using experiential games, sports and creative giftedness to teach children (entering 1-6 grades) character through Biblical principles, wellness education & prevention, and the next generation of youth leadership.

Our Vision is:
Community Transformation
Leadership Development
Wellness Education & Prevention
Diversity Advancement
Partnership through a holistic approach

*Each 3-hour unit includes the following stations that the kids rotate to:
Experience it Games
Experiential Wellness Games or City Link
Small Group Bible Discovery Time
Tracks or Clinics of life skill & sports skill development

The program is inclusive of everyone! Additionally, each location will engage in a community service project of serving with their hands & feet. Also compete globally in the 12x10 World Relay Championship against other KidsGames cities around the world. Our community focus in Grand Rapids is childhood obesity. Our city-wide closing celebration will be at the West Michigan Whitecaps game in July. All participants & volunteers get in free.The key is the entire community– businesses, churches & agencies, local government– working together to build up the kids. Through this community partnership, we are able to offer the program for free. Donations are accepted and welcomed.

2015 Participating sites in West Michigan include:
-Alger Middle GR,
-Coit Arts Academy & Park GR
-Dickinson Elementary
-Gerald Ford Middle GR
-Mulick Park GR
-MLK Academy GR
-Nickels Intermediate Byron Center
-Orchard View Church, Grand Rapids NE
-Sibley Elementary School
-Wyoming Jr High School

KidsGames is the first touch point that leads into follow through strategies of sports camps, non-sports camps, and a Leadership Academy that will formally launch this summer. An after-school program has been tested recently and will be available shortly to provide an additional relationship building opportunty and a leadership forum.

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KidsGames is a global program happening in 150+ countries.