The KidsGames in Niger was the mission focus of the Northeast Grand Rapids KidsGames site last June. Participating children competed to raise money with the losing gender leaders being “pie’d” with whip cream. The kids were able to raise $686.34 for Niger so kids can play & relationships can form!

I saw a glow on Yazi’s his face as he began sharing how God has multiplied their generosity. Yazi, the KidsGames Director in Niger,  purchased dozens of soccer balls, cones, and pinnies to use in KidsGames, soccer camps, and soccer clubs with the goal of building relationships in his African country. Then he empowered 12 other sports leaders giving them a set of soccer equipment to engage children & youth across 12 villages in Niger. In less than six months, hundreds of youth have discovered a new found faith in Jesus Christ!

Cool to see how local children can impact other children in a country 5,500 miles away.