When you are a “one percenter” you know you have done something special. Meet Hasani Hayden. A senior-soon-to-be graduate at Kelloggsville High School, Hasani was one of 100 special high schoolers around the country (from over 10,000 applicants) chosen by Disney to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime-retreat weekend with the likes of Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and many others recently. The goal of the weekend was to inspire and encourage our next generation to chase their dreams.

“I had the time of my life!” shared Hasani. “I had the chance to sit with entreprenuers of all ages as well as hear from celebrities of what it takes to be successful. But I was most encouraged by hearing stories from my peers of what they are doing and what is possible for someone at my age. And of course the theme parks were awesome!”

Hasani participated in KidsGames at Rogers High school and loved the program so much that he immediately began serving as a leader starting in 7th grade. Each year he has served in various capacities and in fact he led the KidGames team at MLK school in 2013. He has also given his time to mentor youth at the Youth Leadership Skills Academy, an afterschool leadership outreach, over the last two years. Now Hasani is off to college attending Harvard.